Find Meaningful Relationships in Unexpected Places – Take A Sound Match To Go

Recently, I heard a conference panelist remark that he would grab the chance to find one or two people in his network that would add meaning to his life.  In my head I yelled “I can do that!”  even though at the time I had no idea if the A Sound Match compatibility system could be accessed by anyone using the web.  Turns out it can.

Last week the badge program launched.  Also known as A Sound Match To Go.

Everyone who takes the music quiz can display a Music Personality badge inside their digital signature.

By doing so, anyone on the web can click it to instantly find out what level of compatibility there is between you.

This is the Music Personality badge for Diamonds in the Rough

This is the Music Personality badge for Diamonds in the Rough

Put your Music Personality badge on your email signature, blog or social network profiles, because:

1.  You have a higher likelihood of getting along with people who have the same Music Personality as you.  Don’t you want to know who they are?

2.  You could meet someone really special. Get matched one-on-one with our Lookup engine. A 4-note match means the highest likelihood of compatibility.

Take the quiz. Then, get your badge here.

Two scenarios explaining why displaying your badge could change your life.

Scenario 1 (for friendship):

You decide to buy a bike from a seller on Craigslist.  You exchange a series of emails and notice a Music Personality badge on the seller’s email signature.  You see that he is a Diamond in the Rough, just like you.  Since two people who belong to the same Music Personality group have a good chance of becoming friends, you invite him along for your group ride that weekend.  Turns out, you two have a lot more in common than biking.  This guy, formerly a stranger, becomes a great friend who accompanies you on the next ten backpacking trips you take and also lets you move into his apartment.

Scenario 2  (for love):

You want to meet someone special to date.  You display your Music Personality badge on the sidebar of your blog.

You get an email with a witty comment from a fan about your latest post.  You see that she used the compatibility engine to check the likelihood of your compatibility. It revealed a 4-note match, which means you two have the highest likelihood of compatibility.  Alerted to the likelihood that you two could get along well, you keep the email exchange going, when otherwise this reader would have been a passing blip on your radar.   Of course, you two get together.


What happens when your badge is clicked?

The person who clicks your badge is taken to the music quiz to discover Music Personality and then use the “lookup” engine to see how you two Sound Match.

Expect to hear from people with your Music Personality and from people who are ranked by our matching system as having a good or high likelihood of compatibility with you (indicated by three or four green notes).

Need help breaking the ice? Send a music email “Notecard.” More info here.

How A Sound Match works

A Sound Match is a compatibility system based on the theory that two people who like music the same amount have a higher likelihood of compatibility.  A short quiz identifies your interest in music and lands you into one of the four Music Personality groups.  Members of each group are likely to get along well.

Also, the matching algorithm pits two quiz scores against each other to see how strong a match there is between a couple (based on 15 years of research).  Every match is ranked from a “high likelihood” down to “risky.”

Break the Ice with a “Notecard”

Send a music email with full-length songs or albums inside – for free – to any email address.

On your music profile inside A Sound Match, add music to the first playlist (called Get to Know Me). This playlist always travels inside your ASM messages.

Send the email from the “Messages” tab on the top navigation bar after you login. You can either type in a username or the person’s email address. Send a Notecard anytime to anyone.


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